RUSNANO’s Participation in NanoTech 2009

Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies (RUSNANO) took part in NanoTech Conference & Expo 2009, May 3-7, Houston, TX.

It was the 12th in a series of the most prominent events in the world of nanotechnologies, which attracted over 5 000 companies and R&D centers in 2009.

RUSNANO presented its projects that had already been approved by RUSNANO’s Supervisory Council, which included the construction of Russia’s first polycrystalline silicon and monosilane production facilities and the launching of a commercial production of prepregs based on nanomodified carbon and mineral fibers and nanofilled binders. The visitors also had a chance to see a new project designed to build electrochemical nanostructured materials and surface treatment machines.

“Our goal is not so much to ‘sell’ those projects, as to attract investors to our new projects that should help us develop nano-industry in Russia”, said Andrey Trapeznikov, RUSNANO Corporate Director. “The United States is the world leader in the field of nanotechnology R&D and commercialization, so we were keen to see how it works there, the whole process, starting from the drawing board all the way through completion”.